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Welcome to Holbox Kiteboarding School, we're the school that knows Holbox better than any other.
We've been established since 2009 and our multinational team has been growing every year.
Our professional Instructors will help you learn to kite in the easiest and safest way possible.
We'll do that using the latest gear the kite industry has to offer.

Choose your language EN / ES / DE / FR / IT / POL / POR
The speed of progression will vary for each person.
Kite lessons will only be given when wind conditions are suitable.

Kiteboarding lessons

Choose your language EN / ES / DE / FR / IT / POL / POR.
Whether you want to learn the basics, refresh your skills, learn to jump or even ride a surfboard. Take as many hours as you need!
Safety boat and boat transport included when necessary.
Including all equipment.

One to One 90 USD/HOUR
Two to One 70 USD/HOUR

9 hours full course *

We suggest to take 3 hours per day to learn the basics in a safe and fun way!
DAY 1: Safety. Kite set up. Basic kite control. Wind window.
DAY 2: Water relaunch. Power stroke. Body surfing. Board recovery. Launch and land.
DAY 3: Intro to the board. Water start. Make your first rides.
The speed of progression will vary for each person.
Kite lessons will only be given when wind conditions are suitable.

Prices 9 hours *
One to One 810 USD
Two to One 585 USD

*Special pack should be paid in advance.
The hourly rate 90 USD (one to one) 70 USD (two to one) charged in the case that the full 9 hours aren't completed.

Kitefoil lessons

Ripping in winds that were previously impossible. Riding upwind like never before.
Freedom to explore. Fluidity of motion.
We offer Kite Foil Lessons and Rentals using the latest gear to make your life easy and fun.
Already know how to foil and want to reach the next level? Whether you want to learn to ride toeside, jump, tack or jibe our experienced instructors can show you how!

STAGE 1: How to handle the foil in the water. Foiling behind the boat. Bodydragging with the foil. Waterstart and riding the board on the surface. First Flights. Foil Safety.

STAGE 2: Extended flights. Improved body position. Upwind and Downwind riding. Toeside.

ADVANCED CLASSES: Carving turns. Foil 360. Roll Tack / Foiltack. Flying Foot Switch.

One to One 100 USD/HOUR


You wanna learn to foil? No worries we can get you started behind the boat.
Already know how? Well, we can play with the wake too.
We've got the best foil instructors to help you.

First hour 100 USD
Extra hour 50 USD


Windsurf has evolved!

We are living in interesting times. Everyday there are new inventions popping up and we can make up our own mind if they will improve our life or if they're just marketing hype.
Well for us the verdict is in. The foil is here and we're spending much more time on the water than ever as a result. We'd recommend that you dedicate a little time to learning how to fly.

One to One 100 USD/Hour


Try the latest foil sensation that is hitting beaches worldwide. Enjoy a direct connection to the wind and waves with no strings attached.
The wing is a hand held sail with no lines or mast required. You can learn the basics of wing handling on the beach in minutes.
When the love child of kite and windsurf meets the surf foil is when it really starts to shine.
Learning the basics in flat water will speed up the learning process, eventually allowing access to wing powered foil surfing. Previous Foil skills will speed up the process but are not essential.

One to One 100 USD/Hour